Diversity Summit

Representation Matters: A Panel on Diversity in the Planning Profession

The theme of this year's Diversity Summit focuses internally on the planning profession, taking an honest look at where we are as a profession and how we can improve diversity and work towards creating a profession that represents the array of people and cultures who call California home. This conversation will take place in the form of a panel discussion, filled with approximately 4-8 planners or related industry professionals who represent professionals of color, identify as a woman or with the LGBTQ community, immigrants/first generation citizens, and disadvantaged socio-economic groups.

Topics of discussion will focus around two themes. First, what it is like to be a planner/related professional from a diverse or underrepresented group and the personal stories, experiences, journeys, and challenges faced along the way. Secondly, a conversation around the systematic flaws in the profession and how the planning field can improve in being a truly inclusive, diverse, and representative profession.

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