Latest Moderator Notice

We appreciate your participation in the 2019 conference!

Please review the following items carefully:

Conference Program

No more changes to your session description or speakers will be incorporated into the program after July 19. If you have any speaker change please send them to Programs Co-Chairs Andy Newkirk and Brian R. Smith, at

After the July 19 deadline you will need to announce speaker changes (if any) at the beginning of your presentation.

To promote sustainable practices, we encourage you to not distribute pre-printed commercial brochures and company materials at your session. While we appreciate that pre-printed materials may be intended, in part, to promote the speakers companies, please refer attendees to websites instead for any handouts.

A/V Equipment

All rooms will be equipped with an LCD projector/screen, wired podium microphone for presenters and table microphones for panelists. Please arrange to bring a laptop computer already loaded with the presentations of your panelists. It is essential that all your panelist presentations are loaded in the laptop so as not to delay the start of your session.

There are no laptops available. A/V problems will be monitored by staff who can contact technical staff for assistance if necessary. Internet connections will not be available in the presentation rooms.

PLEASE NOTE: the Chapter is currently in the process of selecting sessions to record and use for future On-Demand Education. You will be contacted separately if your session is one of the sessions selected.

PowerPoint Presentations for Conference Attendees

Consistent with the conferences goal to maximize sustainability efforts, we are asking moderators to inform all panelists that presentations should not be printed for attendees. Conference attendees will be able to retrieve presentations from the APA California website within one month following the conference if the moderator has uploaded them to the Dropbox as described below.

Moderators are responsible for collecting all of the presentations from all their speakers and uploading them to Dropbox. Moderators will receive an invitation from Dropbox to upload their files. The Speakers will NOT receive this invitation. Your assistance with this task is greatly appreciated. Please do not wait until the last day to upload your presentations!

Instructions to Upload a PowerPoint Presentation

To assist us with identifying the sessions, each file should be labeled as shown below; and, separated with an underscore after each segment; otherwise, the upload will fail:

  • Date (ddmmmyy) and time of Session, first;
  • Name of Session;
  • Title of Presentation (if different from session name); and,
  • Name of Speaker (if different from overall panel)

Example using all criteria: 21OCT14_845AM_Workforce_&_RentalHsg_SantaBarbaraDesignCharette_ACaseStudy_MTowbes. (Delete steps 3 & 4 if not applicable.)

Note: No copying, editing or deleting of others presentations while in the Dropbox file is permitted.

Please contact Francine Farrell at if you have any questions about this process.

Registration Criteria for Speakers & Moderators

Please make the speakers on your panel aware of the Registration process for their attendance at the 2019 APA California Chapter Conference. They will not receive separate instructions.


Reduced full-conference and one-day registration rates are being offered to Speakers who wish to attend the conference. Speakers are encouraged to also attend the conference to take advantage of the learning opportunities offered. The reduced rates apply for both members and non-members, $450 for the full conference, and $300 for one day (Tuesday/Wednesday are sold together at the one day price). Please direct speakers to register by following this link.

PLEASE NOTE: Speakers who are attending the conference for the purpose of presenting at their own presentation ONLY are not required to register, but they will not be allowed admission to any other presentation or event at any time during the conference. All speakers will be required to check in at the registration desk and pick up their name badge, including speakers who will not be attending the rest of the conference.

Registration Instructions

APA Member Speakers:

Please follow these steps to set up your password for the Conference website and to register:

  1. Username: Six-digit membership number
  2. Email address must match the email address in your member profile. 
  3. Go here to register.
  4. Click on Register for this event
  5. Scroll down to Forgot Password and click on it.
  6. On the next page, scroll down to Forgot Your Password? and enter the Username or Email in your member profile. A password reset link will be emailed to you.

Non-member Speakers: Follow steps 1 and 2, and select the Register as a Guest option.

Forms of Payment:

Accepted forms of payment: VISA, MasterCard, Check and Cash (on-site only)

Check payments, and those who do not want to provide their credit card information electronically, are required to fill out a Registration Form, found here on the APA California website, and mail or fax it in. Mail and fax information is on the Registration Form. The $25 manual registration fee will apply for all Registration Forms.

Thank you again for your interest in the 2019 APA California Chapter Conference. If you have any questions regarding this notice, please direct them to Programs Co-Chairs Andy Newkirk and Brian R. Smith, at

We look forward to an amazing conference in September!

The 2019 APA California Conference Programs Committee